Environmental sustainability

Our environment as a resource, recycling as our priority

SDG 12: circular economy

Promoting the use of recycle practices throughout the whole production chain, with the goal of reaching a recycle rate of 85%.

SDG 13: reduce of emissions

Promoting practices finalised to the sustainable use of raw materials, and resources in general, reducing significantly the carbon pollution caused by our production chain.

SDG 14: Respect of the marine resources and reduction of micro-plastics

Working with companies for the implementation of the best, and more and more sustainable packaging, that allows the preservation of new marine ecosystems through their biodegradability, and the minor possible usage of water.

SDG 15: Respect of the earth’s resources

Promoting the emission on the market of paper and cardboard packaging signed for the sustainable management of forests (FSC, PEFC).

SDG 7: clean energy

promoting the use of practices finalised to the improvement of the production processes, as well as taking part to the ambitious goal set by the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI), to be achieved by 2050. A project that promotes photovoltaic system use, and sustainable energy use.

SDG 6: sustainable use of water

Promoting the use of practices finalised to the optimization of the use of water, in the paper mills, and in the digital printing process.

Row materials

  • 100% of our raw materials has a FCS certification, which guarantees its traceability, and sustainable procurement.
  • Food safe inks for Digital Printing, Offset, and Flexo HD.
  • Vinyl glues made out of water and cornstarch, used for the food sector.

sustainable productive process

We integrate 100% of paper and cardboard produced as waste by our production processes as recycled paper and cardboard for new productions.

75% of the paper we use is recycled.

energy source

Thanks to our photovoltaic system, which provides 1,500,000 Kw/h per year, we have covered 21% of the company’s energy need, avoiding:

  • the usage of 2,097,065 litres of water.
  • the emission of 5,109,333 Kg of CO2.

In 2022 the GSE for the photovoltaic system was 286,341€