Digital Print

New digital printing tecnologies on corrugated cardboard

This is the business unit dedicated to digital printing for both packaging and displays, created to meet the customer’s needs and improve internal business efficiency, offering the speed and flexibility necessary to respond to continuous market changes.
For the customers there is the possibility to customize boxes and/or displays with high quality levels to encourage the attention of end consumers both in store and through e-commerce.
For LIC it means being able to deliver fractioned batches according to the customer’s needs with the possibility to manage last minute changes of text and graphics without any delay and with maximum flexibility and quality, reducing warehouse stocks.


Marketing solution



Focus on the new digital printing
technologies for corrugated

The innovation of digital printing on corrugated cardboard allows you to be fast, efficient and flexible.

Brands creates one-to-one relationship with consumers (Direct-to-Consumer brands). Using their own language, the same codes, the same tools, hence creating empathy and proximity. The consumer expects to find out in the point of sale «dedicated messages» to his attention.
This leads to a strong demand of creating «ad hoc» packaging, display and materials for the point of sale to reach individual target, with a large range of graphics and with a new communication dimension.

Digital Print allows new communication strategies and Many-To-Many solutions also for corrugated cardboard:

  • Optimized Time-To-Market
  • Different packaging and displays by campaign: anniversary, distribution, promotion, region (within a larger batch)
  • Packaging with variability of the data: codes for competitions, anti-counterfeiting, traceability.
  • Packaging with language variability: instructions, ingredients list etc …
  • Digital Connection with Augmented Reality (AR)
stampa digitale cartone ondulato
Free delivery system Digital Print
Digital Connection Digital Print
Compact delivery system Digital Print

Food Safety

«Food Safe» Ink suitable to the printing of packaging for food products, thanks to inks totally free of chemical supply which react to UV rays and which do not necessitate of further barriers.
Conformed to the stantards provided for the primary & secondary packaging (printing on external side)

Environmental sustainability

Our HP PageWide digital presses really use water-based inks, which contain no UV-reactive chemicals.
In addition, our inks contain no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
Our inks do not generate perceptible odors, which is a very likely risk in some UV inks.

Our technologies

We are the first company in the world to offer a full range of HP digital printing solutions for corrugated packaging and displays.

Digital Pring HP PageWide C500

  • Print: HP CV150 water based and food-safe ink
  • Speed: linear 75 m/min, 6000 m2/h
  • Supports: Coated and uncoated corrugated cardboard;
  • Sheet’s maximum dimensions: 1,32m x 2,5m
  • Sheet’s thickness: E-B-A-EB-EE-EA-BA
  • Area: 1250 m2

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Digital Print HP PageWide T1190

  • Print: Food-safe and water based 6-color HP InkJet inks with high quality graphics.
  • Speed: linear 305 m/min, 50.000 theoretical m2/hour
  • Supports: Paper from 80gr to 400gr, glossy and matte
  • Dimensione massima Bobine: 2,8m
  • Area: 1.500 m2

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Stampante Digitale HP PageWide T1190 Pre-Print
Stampante Digitale HP PageWide T1190 Pre-Print
Stampante Digitale HP PageWide T1190 Pre-Print
HP Latex R2000

Digital Print HP Latex R2000 Plus

  • Print: HP Latex water based ink
  • Speed: 30 m2/h
  • Supports: Multi-Material
  • Sheet’s maximum dimensions: 2,5m
  • Sheet’s thickness: to 50mm
  • Area: 100 m2