stampa digitale su cartone ondulato

Brands creates one-to-one relationship with consumers (Direct-to-Consumer brands). Using their own language, the same codes, the same tools, hence creating empathy and proximity.
The consumer expects to find out in the point of sale «dedicated messages» to his attention. This leads to a strong demand of creating «ad hoc» packaging, display and materials for the point of sale to reach indivudual target, with a large range of graphics and with a new communication dimension.

Digital Print allows new communication strategy and solutions «Many-To-Many» also for the corrugated

The new opportunity of the digital technology

  • Optimized Time-To-Market
  • Packaging & display: Different per campaign, occasion, distribution, promotion, region (internal to a larger batch)
  • Packaging with a data variability: Code for contest, anti-counterfeiting, traceability.
  • Packaging with language variability: instructions, list of ingredients, etc...
digital print on corrugated cardboard
digital print on corrugated cardboard

HP PageWide C500 Digital Printer

  • Print: Ink HP CV150 waterbased and food safe
  • Speed: linear 75 m/min, 6000 sqm/h
  • Raw materials:
    • Coated and uncoated corrugated carboard;
    • Sheet maximum dimensions: 1,32 m (width) x 2,5 m (lenght)
    • Sheet thickness: E-B-A-EB-EE-EA-BA
  • Value: 5 milion €
  • Area: 1250 sqm

Digital technology And Food Safety: Water Based Ink

«Food Safe» Ink suitable to the printing of packaging for food products, thanks to inks totally free of chemical supply which react to UV rays and which do not necessitate of further barriers.

Conformed to the stantards provided for the primary & secondary packaging (printing on external side).

digital print on corrugated cardboard

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