Sustainability as a primary value

One of the main goals why this report was written is to underline how much a company’s performance, and the effectiveness of the company’s actions, are strictly correlated to the wellness of the local context, and the impact our company has on the environment and the community.

Sustainability, recycle, and circularity have accompanied us throughout our history, as it provides us a way of doing business that creates value for today and tomorrow’s stakeholders.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Atmospheric emissions 7.041,61 TCO2 (Scope1+Scope2): -2,5% vs 2021 Self-produced renewable energy 1.500.000 Kwh: 15% of the company’s requirements 0,14 L water consumed/sq.m. of cardboard produced Materia prima: 100% FSC®-certified 75% Paper of recycled origin 100% recovered and reused paper waste
Social sustainability

Social sustainability

397 People 96,7% Permanent workers 10,5 Average hours of training per worker 34,1% Italian suppliers (raw materials)
Economic sustainability

Economic sustainability

137,5 MIO € Turnover 163,4 MIO mq of corrugated cardboard produced and processed 7 MIO € Capitalised investments 92,5% Italian customers
sostenibilità lic

It is essential to build a constructive, direct, and effective debate with our stakeholders, in order to orient our way of doing business in the best way possible.
Understanding our stakeholders’ needs helps us create our goals.

Such relationships with stakeholders of different title (including institutions and competitors) have allowed us to achieve a series of ventures with the purpose of guarantee the full transparency of our company.

Our goals

The 2030 agenda for sustainable development is an action program with the aim to safeguard all people’s, and the world’s, prosperity, it gained approval in 2015 from the governments of the UN’s 193 member countries.
The agenda consists in 17 goals for the sustainable development (SDG), for a total of 169 targets.

The goals focus on a set of crucial questions for the planet’s virtuous development: the fight against poverty and hunger, and contrasting climate change are more and more crucial for everybody’s future.

Our company has decided to accept this challenge and to sustain the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

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