Social sustainability

People, our most precious good

SDG 3: workers’ wellness and safety

Promoting and guaranteeing the wellness of all levels’ workers, of any roles.

SDG 4: education, and the enhancement of people’s management performance

Education, and people’s enhancement through education, new generations and professional growth, diffusion of the company’s culture via ventures dedicated to schools and universities.

SDG 2: right usage of resources, the consumer’s safety

Promoting the correct use of packaging by the consumers, and the development of new technologies or materials by the companies. Guaranteeing the design of packaging solutions which guarantee that the food cannot be contaminated, protecting the clients’ health, and safety.

SDG 5: gender equality

Achieving gender equality, and cut the salary and treatment difference between men and women, that can often be found in companies. (our idea of gender equality concerns rights, treatment, responsibility, opportunities, and both economical and social achievements).

SDG 1: reducing poverty

Activating policies that guarantee economic sustainment for both our territory, and our employees.

People’s value

All people that work for LIC Packaging have always represented a precious resource. Our company has always given importance to the valorisation of our human resources, since people represent the real value of our company.

The relationship we have created with our employees is one of the cornerstones of our identity, and one of the crucial aspects for the progress of our business.

We work every single day to create a serene, stimulating work environment, supporting the workers’ growth: a work environment where everyone is able to enhance their skills and talents the best way possible.

il valore delle persone

Diversity and inclusion

Our company promotes respect, and the protection towards everyone’s moral integrity, culture, physical wellbeing, and professional profile. Moreover, we commit to the development, and the perpetual support of professionalism, and the inclusion of our workers of all levels.

Recognising people’s diversity as a value, and as an enrichment results in:

  • commitment to considering the needs of local communities, and of all workers.
  • protection of maternities, paternities, and fair opportunities for all genders through welfare policies, and a good balance between work and private life.
  • introduction to the working society for young generations.
  • exchanging and sharing professionalism, and experiences between colleagues from other companies.

Education and growth

Also people’s growth and development are one of the main points of our success . We firmly believe in the importance of developing our employees’ skills, and that’s why we commit every year to the organisation of:

  • soft and hard education plans
  • mandatory safety education
Formazione e crescita