HP Printer R2000 Latex Plus now in Lic Packaging

We complete our HP machine park with the R2000 Latex Plus Printer.

The Printer R2000 Latex Plus is now supplied to our design office for the creation of product mock ups. Our goal is to improve more and more the service offered to our customer during the development of the project.

HP Printer R2000 Latex Plus features

End-to-end sustainability

Water-based inks and recyclable HP ink cartridges are the choice for a sustainable approach. The odorless prints allow us to expand our range of services for indoor environments.

HP Latex inks R series

HP has redesigned HP Latex Inks to extend their use to rigid media while maintaining proven performance on flexible media.
A water-based pigment ink technology allow us to take advantage of the vibrant HP Latex color gamut even on rigid media by using a thin layer of ink that preserves the characteristics of any surface.

HP Latex Optimizer

Designed for rapid separation of pigments from the water-based carrier and for immediate fixation on the substrate surface, to produce sharp text and detailed images.

HP Latex white ink

  1. The brightest of whites: White spreads out in even, flat and thin layers, adapting to the shape of the substrate. Reflects light directly and homogeneous, to offer a uniform shine. The UV-cured ink, on the other hand, spreads unevenly, hides the texture of the substrate and can reduce gloss and color.
  2. Resists over time: White ink is extremely resistant to photochemical reactions and does not contain photocatalysts or optical correctors, unlike UV-cured inks.
  3. High opacity: The white ink achieves a higher level of opacity and visual impact through the use of titanium dioxide pigments, of the level used for outdoors, which are triple in size and double in volume compared to the particles of the colored ink.

Smart Printing

  • Automatic processes, fewer interventions, fewer errors;
  • Automatic printhead maintenance, nozzle checks and compensations;
  • Automatic operations of measuring width and thickness, printing with multiple sheets, stop sensor.