The importance of an eco friendly packaging and its features

A company’s skill to grow and develop depends also on the ability to adapt the demands of an ever greater eco-sustainability and environmental care. It is a hughe challenge and in the packaging industry, this challenge means to create an optimal packaging.
Achieving this is possible only by reducing the amount of waste derived from manufacturing, facilitating the disposal of the packaging and increasing the efficiency.

Eco friendly packaging. Why is it important?

Which benefits for the environment?

The more a packaging is lightweight, durable and produced with minimal paper usage and environmental resources, the more it can be called ecofriendly packaging and it is close to the optimum sought.
An optimized packaging, which reduces the waste and manifacturing material, brings to enormous benefits to the environment.That’s because disposal and recycling are simplified, the use of environmental resources is optimized and and the production waste is minimized. The logistic itself, thanks to the reduced volume of the packaging, it is also simplified.

All this results in a lower emission of CO2 and consequently it leads to greater benefits for the environment.

Which benefits for companies and consumers?

The environment will not be the only one which can gain advantages from an eco-friendly packaging, but companies and consumers too. This advantages can be simplified in:

  • Savings in manifacturing costs due to the use of recycled material, in small quantities and with the maximum saving of paper. This savings will also affect the final price of the product for consumers;
  • The company identity will rack up, embodying the ideal ecological environment to the consumers;
  • Great marketing arguments to use against the competition, because if you are a company focused on ecology, showing it against those who are not yet updated, can lead you to good results;

Which aspects must be kept in mind during the design phase?

Producers and consumers should therefore seriously consider the aspects which define a sustainable product, and the packaging is one of them.
In order to achieve this optimal packaging, it is appropriate therefore that the design also consider the use of renewable resources, the ease of recycling, and the versatility of the packaging.

  • Use of renewable resources, that is the use of a minimum quantity both of energy and raw material, during the production process and distribution, limiting CO2 emissions.
  • Using recycled material as far as possible, also in accordance with the safety requirements of the product, especially when it comes to food packaging.
  • Versatility: the packaging must be designed for its possible future reuse, or for similar purpose different from the original, so as to extend the life cycle, and then, automatically, reducing the amount of waste.

These are the main aspects that define the importance of an ecofriendly packaging, the achievement of which will benefit not only the environment, but also to the same companies and their consumers that use it .