Agricooltur chose HTBoard Plus

HT Board Plus is ideal to keep plants alive

  • Water barrier
  • Monomaterial paper
  • Recyclable into paper

Salads and aromatic herbs from farm to fork… The innovative solution of Agricooltur Spa & LIC Packaging Spa

The agricultural industry is facing an unprecedented array of challenges, from environmental pressures to growing global food demand. In this context, innovation plays a crucial role in finding sustainable and efficient solutions.

Agricooltur SpA’s areponic cultivation technology and techniques offer significant benefits to the agricultural industry and innovative cultivation technology.

The agricultural sector faces multiple challenges, including:

The agricultural sector faces multiple challenges, including:

  • Environmental sustainability: The pressure to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture is growing, with the need to reduce pesticide use, water consumption and carbon footprint.
  • Operational Efficiency: Farmers must maximize crop yield while reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Quality and freshness: Consumers demand fresh, high-quality and safe agricultural products, with a greater awareness of provenance and sustainability.
  • Distribution and logistics: The food distribution chain requires solutions that maintain the freshness and extend the shelf life of agricultural products, reducing waste along the process.

The innovative solution from Agricooltur Spa offers numerous advantages for agriculture and food distribution:

  • Areoponoic cultivation integrates environmental control systems that allow precise regulation of temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters to optimize plant growth.
  • Water saving: Thanks to areoponic cultivation which allows water consumption to be reduced by 95% compared to traditional cultivation methods.
  • Reduced use of phytosanitary treatments, helping to produce healthier crops and reduce environmental impact.
  • Space maximization: Areoponic cultivation is vertical and therefore allows you to maximize the use of space and increase the yield per square meter

HT Board®: The ideal solution, not only for the producer but also for retailers, restaurateurs and consumer

Agricooltur has thought of some innovative and sustainable solutions for the direct sale and domestic consumption or for the catering sector of salads and aromatic herbs without the use of cold rooms to maintain freshness.

All this was made possible thanks to the use of HT Board Plus trays.

HT Board Plus is an innovative material that is truly sustainable because it is mono-material paper, therefore deriving from bio-based sources and whose natural end of life is disposal in separate paper collection.

What makes these trays truly innovative is their ability to contain water and keep the roots intact and perfectly humidified of the plants and consequently guarantee the consumer the quality and freshness of a product not cut for up to 10 days without the use of cold storage.

This solution offers numerous advantages not only for the consumer but also for retailers:

  • Supply of fresh, high-quality products: HT Board trays allow you to distribute fresh products directly to the points of sale, guaranteeing consumers high-quality products from local producers .
  • Waste reduction: By delivering the live seedlings with the roots intact there is no need for storage in cold storage and this helps reduce waste. Furthermore, this solution shortens the distribution chain because the production model chosen is that of proximity.
  • Differentiation and marketing: Retailers can use these solutions in their stores and restaurants as a point of differentiation and as a marketing tool to promote the freshness and sustainability of their products

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