What is the circular economy in the packaging sector?

Why is it a driver of innovation?

Although European recycling rates have increacred by 23% compared to 2020, this hasn’t been enough to keep up with the increase in the total amount of generated packaging waste.

In 2017 data show a gap between the growth of packaging waste and the growth of recycled packaging waste.
The reason for the gap is the use of non-recyclable waste.

Environmental impact of packaging

Natural resource use

50% of paper used in the EU is destined for packaging.


About half of marine litter consists of packaging; packaging also pollutes soil and land.

Climate change

CO2 emissions from packaging equal the emissions of a small to medium EU country.

PPWR recycling goals and priorities (Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation)

  • prevention / avoidance of waste creation
  • reuse
  • recycling
  • retrieval
  • disposal
Type of packagingby 2025by 2030
Paper and carbon75%85%

To reach these targets, the new rules would:

  • ensure all packaging is recyclable
  • increase the use of recycled plastic
  • implement clearer labels
  • ensure the collection of some single-use containers

Truly sustainable multifunctional solutions proposed by the LIC Packaging Spa?

FSC certified paper

Recycled papers

Pure cellulose papers for direct contact with food

Recyclables and compostables