Packaging for take away and delivery

The Lockdown and the Covid-19 have changed purchasing and consumer behavior who have seen an exponential growth of the Food Delivery market, more safer and less exposed to the risks of the traditional market.

Packaging per take away e delivery

All packaging of the Eco&Food Delivery line are made of HT BOARD®,, a revolutionary material as nature intended; designed to contain food in direct contact with pure cellulose papers from certified forests that guarantee hygiene and food safety and at the same time offer a multifunctional packaging really eco-friendlybecause are recyclable and compostable.

The real plus of these products are their resistance to oils, greases and their suitability for use in traditional ovens and microwaves responding very well to thermal stress up to 60′ at 220°C or 15′ at 900W.

There has never been 100% paper packaging with these characteristics and performance!

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