Lic Packaging on Packaging International 03 2021

Packaging International (a quarterly magazine published in both print and digital format dedicated to the world of packaging and aimed at readers from all over the world) dedicates an extensive in-depth article on the unique characteristics of HT Board and related fields of application.

Eco and Food: Multifunctional packaging in direct food contact really sustainable for the environment

Packaging & Sustainibility: what’s his Role?

A recent European study commissioned by Pro Carton the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard Manufacturers on European consumer packaging perceptions study tells us that packaging has become more than just a container for consumers: it’s a recurring opportunity to assess the environmental impact of a brand and it’s able to increase the sustainability perception of a product second only to the production methods aspect of the product itself with almost half of those questioned strongly agreeing that COVID-19 has made us more sensitive to environmental issues.
Packaging stays in the consumer’s eye longer than any other marketing tool: often the packaging design communicates the product before its content and creating value and customer trust.

The importance of packaging to the environment is also demonstrated by the fact that six out of 10 Europeans say that the environmental impact of a product’s packaging affects their purchasing decisions: almost two thirds say they changed the products they buy because of concerns about packaging.

For this reason, many brands are committing many resources to researching materials and technologies to reduce packaging pollution.

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