HT Board: The sustainable alternative for the Ice Cream market

vaschetta gelato-cartone ondulato ecologico

Our trays and folding boxes made HT Board®  successfully passed tests with some of our partner ice-cream parlours.

  • Only paper
  • Thermic barrier
  • Printable 4 colors food safe water-based inks
  • Recyclability level A+
HourInternal temperature
H 18:00-9,1°
H 18:30-7,5°
H 19:00-6,9°
H 19:30-6,5°
H 20:00-6,2°
H 20:30-5,8°
H 21:00-4,9°
H 21:30-4,7°
H 22:00-3,8°
*Temperatura esterna (laboratorio) 21,0°

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