Go Green Display: grass feeling

10 good reasons to choos our grass paper displays

  1. Produced in Grass paper
  2. Surface “warm” and Rough for grass fibers inside the paper.
  3. Energy & Water savings: Energy up to 4500 Kw/h and water up to 5000 l, Reduction of CO2 emissions (up to 75%) To produce 1 ton of raw material
  4. 100% recyclable in the paper recycling chain (in accordance with the legislation of each individual country).
  5. Monomaterial & Plastic Free: No plastic or metal elements are required for its assembly.
  6. FSC Certified: We control the entire chain of custody and cooperate actively to protect the environment and forests.
  7. Produced in E or EB Flute, If other flute typology is needed, a minimum of 5000 sqm paper should be produced
  8. Structural Performance and Excellent strength similar to traditional recycled cardboard
  9. Water Based Inks and High Quality printed: Displays are produced in Flexo or with our new digital HP C500 machine.
  10. Customizable shapes and sizes.

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