HT Board

Lic Packaging's R&D team developed a revolutionary material designed to create EcoLogical packaging solutions, in monomaterial paper, with unique and innovative features.


100% Biodegradable
100% Recyclable in the paper or in the organic collection chain.
100% Single-material in paper, easy and safe to recycle
100% Made with recycled or vegetable papers certified FSC.
Substantial reduction of packaging weight at the source for a lower environmental impact.


To create a lighter packaging ensuring the same features and the same amount of packaged product.


A solid and stiff material that ensures excellent mechanical performances.

Thermal Insulation

It preserves cold temperature up to 5 times longer than a traditional pack in solid-fiber cardboard. Perfect for fresh and frozen food packagings, take-away or fast food packagings.


Suitable for direct contact with any kind of food without the addition of plastic or polluting materials. Printable with Food Grade inks.

Barrier to Fats and Liquids

Allows to replaces PET, PE or Polystyrene foam to design packaging solutions for fruits, vegetables, and fresh or counter products.


From the fridge/freezer directly into the microwave or traditional oven where it also resists to very long cooking times.


A cardboard material that can be thermoformed to create packaging solutions of any shape or size.

Folded and glued solutions

Highly versatile material of technical and functional qualities, ideal for the realization of any type of packaging.